"The 7 Great Lies of Real Estate Investing"
Special Report

Why 95% of all Real Estate Investors Fail...And how to NOT become One of Them

From the desk of Jarom Adair:

Dear Fellow Investor,

This is it.

Pay close attention to what I'm about to tell you or run the risk of ending up like the majority of other would-be real estate investors that will soon become frustrated, angry, and finding themselves struggling to close their first deal.

I was completely lost...

Several years ago I was struggling in real estate. I didn't have a clue what I was doing. It seemed the more time I spent reading about and studying up on real estate investing, the more confused I became.

So I struggled. I spent money. I made costly mistakes. I wasted time. And I did all these things and I hadn't made a dime.

That was a couple years ago.

Since then things have changed dramatically for me, but the industry has not changed. It is still very hard on beginners.

Over the last couple years I've talked with hundreds of would-be investors about their concerns, trials, and roadblocks to successful investing. And guess what?

All beginners deal with the same issues.

And, even more important...

All beginners make the same mistakes, over and over again.

There are 3 things every new investor needs to be successful in real estate:

  • You need to know how to properly invest

  • You need mentors to walk you through your first couple deals

  • You need money and resources to get started and do your deals

If you're missing one of these, success in real estate will come very slowly (if at all). But with these things in place, your odds of success go WAY UP.

What would it be like if you had the know-how to complete any real estate deal you wanted?

Every beginner wants to learn how to properly and effectively close deals and make great money doing it, but how do you find that information without buying into a lot of junk first?

There's a lot of out-of-date and flat-out false information floating around out there, and if you don't know how to identify the time and money wasters without buying into them first you'll flush thousands of dollars and years of your life away.

What if you had not one, but dozens of successful investors in your speed dial you could call on for support?

Having successful investors to back you up is key to getting your real estate business off the ground, but how do you find these professionals and, better yet, get them to willingly work with you?

You may be "hard working" and "willing to do what it takes to succeed", but unless you understand the mind of a successful investor and what they really want from you, your attempts to become a part of their network and gain their support will not get you very far.

How would your life be different if you had enough cash on hand to quit your job, become a full-time investor, and fund your own real estate deals?

Cashflow is the name of the game. What kind of money would you need on a monthly basis to throw yourself into investing full-time?

Real estate is hard enough if you've got 40 hours a week to devote to it, but trying to pull it off in the evenings and on weekends while holding down a full-time job will take you forever. The average beginner, without a clear understanding of how to quickly create the cashflow they need to really get in the game, will give up long before they get close to success. In fact, most beginners do things completely backwards.

How to join the successful 5% (and NOT the 95% who fail)

Do you think that successful investors have a much clearer understanding of how they would do things if they had to start their investing careers all over again from scratch?

After thousands of hours working with experienced investors and mentoring new investors I have a very clear picture of the road to success.

Combining my experience and the knowledge of dozens of successful real estate investors, I've written this special report that will teach you exactly what actions to take, which actions to avoid, and will save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

I've basically taken what professional investors know about starting a successful career in real estate, and I've detailed it in this new report!

I just finished your book! Wow! How amazing! I think you are absolutely ingenious. The book is fascinating and I have most certainly learned a number of new things. My question is always, well, when am I going to talk to someone who can tell me something I HAVEN'T ALREADY HEARD?! Well, this book was definitely it! Thank you SO much for the opportunity to read your book. Like I said before...ingenious.

Christy Toledo

150% Money Back Guarantee

I'm so confident that you'll get more than your money's worth, if you're not satisfied with this report for any reason,
return it within 90 days and I will pay you 150% of your purchase price back--no questions asked!

You'll specifically learn:

  • who will succeed in real estate? -- page 8

  • how to know if you're financially ready to begin investing -- page 13

  • how much time will you realistically need to devote to this? -- page 15

  • learn a million dollar secret -- page 14

  • this is how you know you SHOULDN'T be in real estate -- page 21

  • find out what success will cost you, and if you're willing to pay that price (learn this before you shell out money on boot camps or DVD's) -- page 10

  • an inside look at educational seminars and boot camps -- pages 23~24, 29~30

  • discover the real estate guru's hidden marketing plan that hurts your chances for success -- page 27

  • how to avoid draining your bank account on useless education -- page 33

  • don't even look at real estate education unless you get answers to these four questions first -- page 35

  • finding the right mentor to learn from -- page 36

  • the one money making strategy that all the wealthy use that if you get nothing else from this report you want this concept to sink deep into the marrow of your bones (hint: it's not something blindingly obvious like "leverage" or " using other people's money/time/knowledge" etc...) -- page 49

  • what all successful investors have in common (be willing to do what they've done and you'll get what they have) -- page 39

  • the one thing NO successful investors have in common that virtually every new investor thinks they need (and they waste a lot of time trying to get it) -- page 39

  • trap #1) how to spend more money on real estate education than you ever intended -- page 24

  • trap #2) how to spend more money on real estate education than you ever intended all over again -- page 34

  • the biggest dilemma new investors don't realize they'll have -- page 40

  • how to make a lot of money on the biggest dilemma new investors don't realize they'll have -- page 50

  • what you can offer me to take you on as my apprentice -- page 41

  • how to create a win-win situation so experienced investors will work with you -- page 43

  • how real estate gurus are born -- page 42

  • one of the top money making strategies the gurus never mention at seminars but they use all the time (and you can too) -- page 51

  • witness Jarom's morbid fascination with dentists -- many pages

  • what you should have glued to your forehead at every seminar you attend -- page 34

  • what you CAN'T expect from a mentor that every new investor expects -- page 41

  • what you can and should expect from a mentor -- page 42

  • what to bring to the table when working with seasoned investors -- page 48

  • how to get experienced investors to teach you everything they know -- page 47

  • the best way to build a large and profitable real estate network -- page 48

  • how NOT to decide which real estate strategy to pursue (almost everyone does this wrong and wastes thousands of dollars) -- page 34

  • how to effectively help other new people share in your success in real estate -- page 50

  • the first investing mistake most new people make that often kicks them out of the investing game right off the bat -- page 49

  • and more...

Your " no-bull ", straight-shootin' message to me exposes the " guru " industry to a default which allows for me to think critically for myself in a sensible, yet creative manner which encourages freedom of choice and a choice to choose your destiny in life. "7 Lies" is an instant classic containing exclusive information every aspiring and seasonal investor alike MUST READ prior to attending another emotional guru seminar. I personally thank you, Jarom.

Don Fisher

Some Parting Advice

I'll end here so this doesn't turn into a mile-long "sales page" you see so often out there.

Here's some parting advice:

Don't be afraid to spend money on your real estate career IF, AND ONLY IF, you are really ready to take action on it. If you're still just kicking the tires and you're not sure if real estate investing is right for you, get on my email list and I'll try to give you as honest and accurate information as I can about what real estate investing is all about.

If you're serious about making money in real estate then invest a little money into the "7 Lies" report, take what it says very seriously, and I'll be happy to sit down with you personally and help mentor you through the real estate investing process.

Thank you for spending some time on my site, and I look forward to working with you and helping you explode your income in real estate!

Yours in success,
Jarom Adair
Founder of RealEstateInvestingForBeginners.com

"I wish I had read this before (guru) found me!" -- guru name removed --

"(Guru) has been my worst experience of my life...for some reason my husband & I really fell for the whole smear campaign, which is very intense...we spent big $ to come into his program w/mentoring, the vault, getting our llc., tax consulting, seminars, & chasing the tax sale dream.

I just wanted to thank you for the real report, for answering my questions, & to thank you for being a real person, not computer generated!"


"The report was awesome!"

Dawn Boss

"I couldn't be more grateful for the information I've found through you guys!!!!

Let the truth be told and keep it coming!!!"


"You have a very good support base, and the emails are good. I feel like I'm not left behind like I felt with other places."

Ryan T.